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The re-accreditation of Civil Engineering as a high quality program, the new goal of Santo Tomás Seccional Tunja

May 07 2018

Guarantee the relevant quality in each of the processes of the University, is today the pillar of our actions and this is ratified when the University Santo Tomas goes beyond the demands of our students and the country against the preparation of professionals.

That is why, on Monday 07 of May, at the University Avenue Campus of Santo Tomás, the Mg evaluators were received by executives from the University and from the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Rubén Darío Hernández and Ricardo Smith PhD who have been delegated by the Ministry of Education and the National Accreditation Council to carry out the pertinent studies in order to re-accredit this Faculty, to continue providing high quality training.

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During the Monday 07 and Tuesday 08 of May, the peer evaluators will know closely each one of the dependencies of the University that contribute to the formation of the future civil engineers and that make of the exercise of formation, an engine for the work of the day to day.

The current record of the Faculty has a validity until December of 2019, but of course the University is ahead and prepares with the necessary time so that the legal procedures are filled with sufficient time and as until now the University Saint Thomas, can respond to the exercise of providing quality training.

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